This serial ofSMD Outdoor Full Color LED Display Screen is a revolutionary development that ToppestLED contributes to outdoor full color LED display, which made the outdoor LED display with precise picture and super viewing angle be possible. Its key component is the integrated high density outdoor full color dot-matrix module, which is different from the traditional outdoor full color LED display that is composed by single LED diode. It is a revolution from point light source to sphere light source. There is integrated LED chip with Red , Green and Blue colors in the LED cup of every pixel . Thus, every pixel will be lighting in mixed color .Each module has 8*16 pieces this kind of pixel. The module outside is covered by a plastic mask, while inside is sealed up by silica gel.

Product Features
1. The high density pixels' full color LED display is available
2. Adopting the integrated encapsulation technology is more reliable
3. Perfect mixed color efficiency
4. Good permeability and consistency
5. Big viewing angle and can reach 140°
6. Strong contract with the integrated LED chips in one dot, reduced the area of the reflection chamber
7. The most economical and reasonable technology solutions

Spring Festival is coming. In considering of our company’s operation conditions and in accordance with government regulation, we decide to make 2010 Spring Festival leave schedule as follows:
From 9th Feb 2010 to 19th Feb 2010. total 10 days. Company will re-open on 19th Feb 2010 、
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News 1 :

In the end of 2009, we have opened up LED Light Market  in Poland. After receiving strict test, LED Display Screen , LED panel lights of our company have been shipped to Poland already.

Up to now , the cooperation on agent with clients in Poland is going on .